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You have a choice

We know this. That’s why, at examPartners, we pledge to deliver the quality you expect from a disability care coordinator. Our commitment to excellence with each and every file is why examPartners is...Your Partner for Quality Examinations.

Time is of the Essence

Understanding this and how an Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) should be facilitated is what makes examPartners the right choice for all of your IME needs.

We’re in it for the long run

We look forward to growing our relationship with you by exceeding your expectations and delivering the quality you expect with every examPartners assignment.

Professional Team

Our team is focused, professional, and ready to schedule your IME today. Every referral is processed expeditiously and delivered back to you, our client, with integrity and honesty.

  • examPartners embodies professionalism with prompt, helpful, and efficient customer service.

How May We Help You...

Independent Medical Exams (IME)

We are the right company to facilitate your IME needs. Each referral is coordinated with the quality, care and commitment that you will come to expect from examPartners.

Impairment Ratings

If an Impairment Rating is in order: According to the AMA Guides, impairments to be rated are permanent impairments.

Peer Review

Our extensive network of physicians are able to review existing case material and provide you with the information you need to ensure you are able to formulate a solid conclusion.

Translation & Transportation Coordination

Translation as well as Transportation Coordination is also available at no additional charge. We work closely with experienced groups that share our commitment to quality and service.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

FCE services help gather information about possible medical restrictions of a claimant. Each FCE referral is coordinated quickly with our providers and the final report delivered to your inbox expeditiously.

  • I appreciate examPartners' prompt response to my questions and the summarized medical reports via email.

    -- Baltimore, Maryland

  • examPartners is my #1 choice. They stand out for their professionalism and great customer service.

    -- Hunt Valley, Maryland

  • examPartners is by far the easiest company to work with. They are always organized, responsible, and timely.

    -- Erie, Pennsylvania

  • I worked with several companies offering similar services, but examPartners are miles ahead of their competition.

    -- Richmond, Virginia

Frequently Asked Questions

We coordinate all examinations within 24 to 48 hours after receipt of the referral. If you need a rush report, please let us know at the time of the referral and we will make the necessary arrangements with the physician's office. If there is pending litigation, please advise of any applicable dates.
If you have a particular physician you would like to use, simply let us know. We will be happy to schedule your examination with the physician of your choice. If you do not have a physician noted, we will schedule the file with a physician that is best suited for the examination. We take into account the specialty needed to complete the examination, the location of the scheduled party and the turnaround time desired for the referral.
Of course. At examPartners, we specialize in the following states, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania & Delaware. Although, we are a Mid-Atlantic based company located in Maryland, we have an extensive list of physicians and are happy to schedule your examination in another state should the individual relocate. If we cannot accommodate your request, you will be notified immediately if we are unsuccessful in obtaining a qualified physician.
Absolutely. Simply let us know which service(s) your file will need and we are happy to arrange the details. examPartners will send out the appointment letter at no charge written in either English or Spanish to the scheduled party, just let us know your preference when filling out the referral!
All letters are sent out via USPS to the scheduled party and their attorney, if any. In addition, we also fax the appointment letter to their attorney to confirm the appointment information. If they are not represented, a mailed appointment notification is sent to the scheduled party only. We can send all letters via a traceable method, by request.
We copy and/or retrieve all of your files as they pertain to the scheduled examination(s). You may also email any records to our corporate office at ime@exam-partners.com. We are happy to come to your office and pick up any records you have for your examination.
Yes. We make all reminder calls to the scheduled individuals 24 hours in advance of their appointment. Monday appointments are made on Friday's. Holiday's are a floating schedule as necessary. This helps to reiterate their scheduled appointment.
examPartners will notify you in most cases the same day about your scheduled examinations. You will receive an update within 24 hours after an examination confirming attendance and whether or not the individual kept his/her appointment.
Our commitment is to get the accurate report to you within 3 to 10 business days. In some cases, the reports are ready and distributed within 1 to 3 days. We make every effort to have the report back to you, correct, as soon as possible. If you need a rush report, please let us know at the time of the referral and we will make the necessary arrangements with the physician's office. Any report corrections will be addressed immediately with the physician's office and you will be notified of the delay, if any.

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